Grateful Dead
"Jamming At The Edge Of Magic, Volume 3"
A 1992-1995 Jams compilation

Various Sources; almost all SBD (see notes for details)
SBD (plus 1 aud) Source > WaveLab 5 (normalization) > Soundforge (crossfades and track blending) > CD Wave (Tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (Verify SBE's, generate checksums, FLAC Level 8 encoding)

Compiled by ZHB, 2/11/07 (zimahatboy_at_bellsouth_dot_net -

01. Dark Star Jam > [05:50]
02. Aranjuez Jam > [02:27]
03. Playing In The Jam, pt. 1 > [04:39]
04. Supplicant Jam > [04:35]
05. Prudent Jam > [02:07]
06. Playing In The Jam, pt. 2 > [01:39]
07. Moon Boots Jam > [04:22]
08. Free Aussie Jam > [07:47]
09. Bruuuce Jam > [02:08]
10. Settle Down Jam > [04:03]
11. Saeta Jam > [04:22]
12. Handsome Soldier Jam > [05:27]
13. Good Grief Jam > [00:39]
14. Loggerhead Jam > [04:49]
15. Solea Jam > [04:30]
16. Mind Left Body Jam > [06:16]
17. Circumstantial Jam > [04:33]
18. Diamondback Jam [09:31]

Total Time: [79:44]

As promised, here is Volume 3! This set was an exploratory experience for me as well as a fun project. I'm not well-versed in the post -Bruce material (a period I generally refer to as "The Decline") so I was hoping to hear something new in this....and did I ever. There is some great stuff here - more than I knew was there, particularly in '94. I think even those hardcore fans of the earlier GD will find something to love on this disc. Going thru all of this music reinforced a basic truth for me: there is something to love - even if it's just a moment - in every single GD concert, no matter what the year or who was there.

HUGE thanks for this go out to my pal Chris Larson, who supplied a few of these tracks, and to all my frineds at


First, all tracks (26 to start with) were EAC'd from my audio discs. A few of these (Tracks 3, 7, 12, 17 & 18) were converted directly from SHN or FLAC. I played around with the order of the tracks until I found transitions I thought would be manageable. Volumes were all over the map, so I normalized them and blended the tracks. Most tracks had a little cut off the end (you'll notice that many are leading into Drumz~) and I generally applied a cross-fade of 2 to 4 seconds. For some I used a mixng technique to blend the next track into the previous. For Track 1, I boosted the left chanel 3.1db to bring up Jerry's guitar (for a tronger opening to the disc.) For Track 18, I boosted the last few measaures, and ended with a quick fade out.

Track 1: 6.18.92 [SBD -> Dat -> CD] Dark Star Jam out of Space into All Along The Watchtower.

Track 2: 6.22.92 [SBD -> Dat -> CD] Spanish Jam out of Space into The Other One.

Track 3: 3.17.93 [SBD -> Dat (44.1k)] Playin' Jam out of Playing In The Band into Dark Star.

Track 4: 2.27.94 [DSBD>CM(?)>DAT] Supplication Jam in the bridge of Uncle John's Band.

Track 5: 6.8.92 [DSBD > DAT > 1C > DAT] Dear Prudence Jam out of Corrina into Drumz.

Track 6: 6.6.93 [DSBD master> Dat Clone> ?> CDR] Playin' Jam out Playing In The Band into Drumz.

Track 7: 9.8.93 [SBD -> Master Dat -> Dat Clone (48k)] Standing On The Moon Jam out of I Need A Miracle into Black Peter.

Track 8: 3.21.94 [SBD > DAT > CDR > SHNv3] Jam out of He's Gone into Drumz.

Track 9: 3.23.95 [SBD -> Dat (44.1k)] Jam out of Matilda into Drumz.

Track 10: 10.6.94 [FOB Nakamichi300>?>D7] Jam out of Truckin' into Drumz.

Track 11: 3.24.93 [SBD > DAT > CDR > EAC > SHN] Spanish Jam out of Space into Going Down The Road Feelin' Bad.

Track 12: 3.17.93 [SBD -> Dat (44.1k)] Two Soldiers Jam out of Space into The Other One. The text file I have for this seed (from Charlie Miller) lists this as "Handsome Cabin Boy Jam." Deadbase lists it as "Two Soldiers Jam." Since Deadbase is usually considered definitive, that's how it is listed here. But to be fair - it sounds a LOT like the melody from HCB, and this would be in the time period Dawg & Spud were working with that song.

Track 13: 2.27.94 [DSBD>CM(?)>DAT] Cosmic Charlie tease out of The Other One into Wharf Rat. It's very short, and the end is abrupt, but it was too good to pass up.

Track 14: 10.1.94 [SBD> Dat> CDR (Pre-Fm GDH Discs) > CDR > EAC (Secure Mode, Test
and Copy) > SHN] Jam out of Terrapin Station into Drumz.

Track 15: 9.29.94 [Dsbd>D>C>D>CD] Spanish Jam out of Space into The Other One.

Track 16: 3.10.93 [Sbd > DAT master > analog > DAT > CDR > EAC > SHN] Mind Left Body Jam out of Corrina into Drumz.

Track 17: 9.17.93 [SBD>DAT>CDR] Jam out of Saint Of Circumstance into Drumz.

Track 18: 4.7.94 [DSBD > CD > EAC > SHN] Jam out of Terrapin Station into Drumz.

wav md5's:
d3ec75fbd36624bd557a8bcb6b99009e *gd_jams3d1t01_DarkStarJam.wav
f6a95454ae7392137877f049ed99b189 *gd_jams3d1t02_AranjuezJam.wav
3cb824e5e8a2b9c9921130b9d715d00d *gd_jams3d1t03_PlayingInTheJam1.wav
f068848068d2769bb4fd48e4b20a7d47 *gd_jams3d1t04_SupplicantJam.wav
c740c9f2bf88713ca31b23f4580d7788 *gd_jams3d1t05_PrudentJam.wav
4445a7bcb6df313fb6378723fad90eef *gd_jams3d1t06_PlayingInTheJam2.wav
9b071f7bd748c43f698536c62318e8e1 *gd_jams3d1t07_MoonBootsJam.wav
31fbcdb7ae4bb569405f919ee2047f56 *gd_jams3d1t08_FreeAussieJam.wav
aab472a70fd0eed82cca894fe880ba75 *gd_jams3d1t09_BruuuceJam.wav
0811444f686dc6792c7767bcd75c4d5c *gd_jams3d1t10_SettleDownJam.wav
88dce8741432d661ec82bfda03058736 *gd_jams3d1t11_SaetaJam.wav
256b91a380e6c06df2d09184cf74ced3 *gd_jams3d1t12_HandsomeSoldierJam.wav
11928b67d9b5a60d16962dd1e877a703 *gd_jams3d1t13_GoodGriefJam.wav
d67e120c4541277a21e22a0f1e563536 *gd_jams3d1t14_LoggerheadJam.wav
987f09f0d69112fa75018f0136fe21a3 *gd_jams3d1t15_SoleaJam.wav
39090cd231e126699a2e83746485d6af *gd_jams3d1t16_MindLeftBodyJam.wav
749ccf25a5138da57e63708d6976636e *gd_jams3d1t17_CircumstantialJam.wav
68bfd2396cb6af44a39d09232a052644 *gd_jams3d1t18_DiamondbackJam.wav

flac ffp's: