Grateful Dead
Dead To The Core Project
Noteworthy Comes A Time's (A Collection)

This is a collection of noteworthy versions of Comes A Time played by
the Grateful Dead. It is based on a list put together by Eric Wybenga
and published in his book _Dead To The Core: An Almanac of the
Grateful Dead_.

The track names are self-explanatory: they list the date of the
performance, the SHNID of the source, and shortened names of the songs
included in the track. When it was easy to tease Comes A Time apart
from its neighbors, I did so; when it seemed inextricably intertwined
with other songs, I included longer jams in the compilation. I joined
jams with "shntool join", and then I retracked and added simple fades
using Wavelab. I fixed up the resulting tracks using shntool, and then
I compressed the files using "flac --best". I used shntool version
3.0.2, flac version 1.1.3, and Wavelab version 6.1.