The Grateful Dead Soul Revue


Jerry Garcia
Bob Weir
Phil Lesh
Bill Kreutzman
Ron "Pigpen" McKernan
Brent Mydland
Mickey Hart

with special guests:

Etta James
Hall & Oates

Disc 1

01 Dancing In The Street (Martha & The Vandellas) 1969-06-08
02 Hard To Handle (Otis Redding) 1969-05-16
03 Tell Mama (Etta James) 1982-12-30
04 I Second That Emotion (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles) 1971-04-13
05 Pain In My Heart (Otis Redding) 1966-11-19
06 What's Going On > (Marvin Gaye) 1988-09-24
07 it's A Man's Man's Man's World (James Brown) 1970-06-05

Disc 2

01 Hi Heel Sneakers (Tommy Tucker) 1966-11-19
02 Little Red Rooster > (Sam Cooke) 1980-10-04
03 In The Midnight Hour (Wilson Pickett) 1966-09-16
04 Turn On Your Love Light (Bobby "Blue" Bland) 1968-12-20

I grew up, as a teenager, listening to soul music, it was some years before I discovered Grateful Dead. Over the years the boys have covered a number of classic soul songs and that's the reason that this compilation came about.

Bobby Bland's Turn On Your Love Light came out in 1961, so it's not strictly speaking a soul classic but it's as near as damn it. Some might say Martha Reeves was not soul either, but she has one of the most soulful voices I ever heard! Little Red Rooster is a Chester Burnett song and the Dead performed it as a blues, but the version I first heard was by Sam Cooke and that was as soulful as you like. That's why I am including it here. There's no denying the pedigree ot the other songs in this collection.

NB: All of these tracks have been remastered for the purpose of this compilation

Thanks to Robbiesaurus for his editorial input on the artwork

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