This clip is intended to be added to your computers start menu to replace the factory start up music theme. Once added, you will hear this Spanish jam clip when your computer starts or at user login. The change can easily be reversed.

Clip taken from various shows.(mostly later stuff) ~22 seconds long

****Directions on how to add clip to computer start up.****

For Windows xp: Convert flac file to wave. Navigate to: my computer>local disk C:> windows> media and add the spanish jam file to the media folder. When finished close open folders. Next open control the panel. Then open the sounds and audio devices folder and click on the sounds tab. Scroll down the list of system sounds until you find "start windows" and click to select it. Using the browse button find the spanish jam wave sound from the list and double click to select it. Hit apply and you are done. Restart your computer and you will be greated by a pleasing start theme.

If you use password login you may wish to add the spanish jam theme to the "windows logon" just below the "start windows" theme. Every time you logon you will hear the new theme. If you do this you may wish to disable the start windows theme by slecting "none" for the "start windows" theme using the same process described above.

For vista you may have to do the later.

For easy reversal of this create a sound scheme for the change other wise just discard for good the windows sounds.

I think this is cool as hell and I am greatly pleased everytime I logon.