Grateful Dead
American Beauty Live

01 Box Of Rain (1) 09-17-70
02 Friend Of The Devil 11-08-70
03 Sugar Magnolia (2) 06-07-70
04 Operator 11-07-70
05 Candyman 11-06-70
06 Ripple 11-08-70
07 Brokedown 08-06-71
08 Till The Morning Comes 10-11-70
09 Attics Of My Life 06-24-70
10 Truckin' 08-18-70


released November 1970

(1) This was the first live performance of Box of Rain and for me, one of Phil's best ever vocal performances

(2) The intention was to use aud recordings only but this version of Sugar Magnolia is just so nice, apart from a couple of clunkers before the vocals start, that I couldn't leave it out. This was the first time played live.

all tracks have been altered in some way for the purpose of this compilation

May 2006


gd american beauty live-t01.flac:65d53b3c752ac9f980d259eef4c58f49
gd american beauty live-t02.flac:48b13c51120b0be12a8b806bc31f4ddd
gd american beauty live-t03.flac:61388e6f7bf0f42a923d4fc9b9e657f7
gd american beauty live-t04.flac:d81e920831b25273e03219d22d490196
gd american beauty live-t05.flac:fa673a98bd74212032b4acf16d02c622
gd american beauty live-t06.flac:fd8ab5c8e4fc0b7251c87d88a3ceabeb
gd american beauty live-t07.flac:d1c38a839edcc23d23cf0a3cfcbb4433
gd american beauty live-t08.flac:fc21f199a5d97b7f819654ef03adb619
gd american beauty live-t09.flac:d7172af572ae07f3dfdce6c82ed62ad5
gd american beauty live-t10.flac:2dcc5d17cb4408bd112c14e0bb89d86e