Grateful Dead
Aoxomoxoa Live

01 St. Stephen 68-10-12
02 Dupree's Diamond Blues 69-02-15
03 Rosemary 68-12-07
04 Doin' That Rag 69-06-07
05 Mountains Of The Moon 69-02-15
06 China Cat Sunflower 69-04-05
07 What's Become Of The Baby 69-04-26
08 Cosmic Charlie 69-06-05


- the recording of Rosemary is not that great but this was the only time that it was performed live.
- this, also, is the only live version of What's Become Of The Baby.
- I've done a little work on some of these tracks for the purpose of this.

Aoxomoxoa was released in June 1969, it was the first Grateful Dead record I bought way back when vinyl reigned supreme and coasters were what you put your drinks on.

I did this just for fun, these are not the best versions of, they are some of the better performances that are reasonably contemporary to the release date of the album. Maybe you can regard this as a sampler for the shows I've used but mostly take it for what it is.


May 2006