Grateful Dead
From The Mars Hotel, Almost Live!

01 U.S. Blues 06-20-74
02 China Doll 06-23-74
03 Unbroken Chain 05-21-95
04 Loose Lucy 02-22-74
05 Scarlet Begonias 07-25-74
06 Pride Of Cucamonga *
07 Money Money 05-21-74
08 Ship Of Fools 05-12-74


* Pride Of Cucamonga was never played live, I patched this version together from the Mars Hotel outtakes. Then, since this a fictitious performance, I took the opportunuty to mix it up a little, well quite a lot. It's therefore unique. Apologies for the sound quality, I think there had been some heavy NR applied to my copy of the outtakes.

There is no live performance of Unbroken Chain comtemporary to the release of the album, it was first performed live on 03/19/1995.

Most of the tracks have been altered in some way, for the purpose of this


The album was released on June 27, 1974. I bought it the day it was released in the UK, which may have been later.

Now I know that Money, Money has been derided by many but it was the track that jumped out at me on first play and I loved it to bits.

May 2006


gd from the mars hotel, almost live!-t01.flac:2bf5caffe61bf7d172742762f58d3946
gd from the mars hotel, almost live!-t02.flac:d0eda0eba0c30a9c872c420f40db82fc
gd from the mars hotel, almost live!-t03.flac:3c0b898045db96d5ca77bab490a27b94
gd from the mars hotel, almost live!-t04.flac:ab8def5788517d182ccc48a2b2ffd610
gd from the mars hotel, almost live!-t05.flac:7d770684a78b2d11dd203f31350ea2b9
gd from the mars hotel, almost live!-t06.flac:3c2b304580245ddb02c30b3e0e6c2d3f
gd from the mars hotel, almost live!-t07.flac:c8d35c850b4221be67a39dfea86ac803
gd from the mars hotel, almost live!-t08.flac:809aab3cbf44cb49128e1df8650da996