"Loose From the Axis"
RMGD Music Compilation Vol. 3
Music Collected by Richard Morris, jrmorris@comcast.net
Cover fractals, design, layout and execution by the Lord of Eltingville
Title suggested by Roxanne McDaniel

Summer 2006

1. "Republicans Hate You and Want You Dead", Joe Kohn (c) 2006
2. "Coulter" ((c) 1970 Ray Davis, The Kinks), new lyrics (c) 2006 Stormin Norman the nag
3. Untitled, Zoltan, (c) 2006
4. "Embryonic Journey" (Jefferson Airplane (c) 1967 RCA Records), Scot Castle
5. "Police Dog Blues" ((c) ca. 1930 Blind Arthur Blake), Scot Castle
6. "Another Row to Hoe", Steve Terry (c) 2001
7. "Brown's Ferry Blues" (Traditional), Steve Terry
8. "Little Martha" ((c) 1972 The Allman Brothers), Michael Devenney
9. "You Win Again" ((c) 1952 Hank Williams), Chris Surface
10. "T-Bone Shuffle" ((c) Aaron "T-Bone" Walker), Bluespace, Richard Morris
11. "Mustang Sally" ((c) 1965 Mack Rice), Bluespace, Richard Morris
12. "Hypczech", Bongo (c) 2006
13. "You're My Boy", Seth Jackson (c) 2006 Row Town Music
14. "Hey Mom", Reverend Smooth, Mark Geiger, (c) 1972
15. "POGFB", Mike Healy (Not From England) (c) 2005
16. "Letterbox", Robert Beverly (Robert Beverly-Acoustic Guitar, Vocals; Tray Eppes, Electric and Bass Guitar; Chip Zimmerman, Drums) (c) 1996
17. "A Night Like This", Robert Beverly (Robert Beverly, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Vocals; Tray Eppes, Electric Guitar; John Overstreet, Bass; Chip Zimmerman, drums) (c) 1996
18. "Always Wrong", Midnight Mesa, (Rob Becker, mandolin; Nick McMahill, Bass; Glenn Patterson, Lap Steel; Kurt Isgree, Guitar; Tony Kovcic, Guitar; Tom Chamberlain, Percussion) rlbecker@montrose.net, www.midnightmesa.net, Montrose, CO (c) 2006
19. "You Can Blame Me", Wolf Creek Band (Drums, Gary Fish) (c) 1976
20. "Skin A Cat", Mike Babyak's Triple Fret (Mike Babyak, Guitar; Mike Rosado, Drums; Leo Kishore, Bass; Hank Smith, Banjo; Ted Sampson, Keyboards) (c) 2006
21. "Too Long", Bryan Litchfield (Bryan Litchfield-Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals; Chris Clark-Lead Guitar) (c) 2005 Backroom Productions