Grateful Dead
Terrapin Station Live

01 Estimated Prophet 05-28-77
02 Dancin' In The Streets 05-15-77
03 Passenger 11-01-77
04 Samson and Delilah 05-26-77
05 Sunrise 05-09-77
06 Terrapin Station Part One: 02-26-77
- Lady With A Fan
- Terrapin Station
- Terrapin
- Terrapin Transit
- At A Siding (not included)
- Terrapin Flyer
- Refrain

bonus track

07 Terrapin Station *


* this is an outtake from the Terrapin sessions on 02-20-77

all tracks have been altered, in some way, for the purpose of this compilation.


released July 27 1977

Firstly, I should say that I'm not a big devotee of 1977 so you get what you get, these are the ones that appeal to me!

I resisted using any tracks from that fictious show at Cornell but then I caved in and decided to use Dancin', only to find that it was put on the re-released Terrapin. So everything here is for real ;-)

This is deadicated to Richard Todd, a very good friend who passed way on the 26 May 2005. Terrapin was the song that did it for him. He always said to me that he thought the first live one was as good as any, so that is what I have included here.

26 May 2006


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gd terrapin station live-t03.flac:0c75e57b3f19b4c83eb2f618abe443f1
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gd terrapin station live-t05.flac:aa2c3ae3c1604d149db2c5edde545b93
gd terrapin station live-t06.flac:df18eff7eed49ae2f3253e3ae79778f0
gd terrapin station live-t07.flac:ce2873731a5b6b3c08346aa8fe22648e