Sounds of San Francisco
"Grateful Dead Tribute"
Members of Tea Leaf Green, ALO, and Hot Buttered Rum
January 4, 2007
JamCruise 5
Teatro Del'Opera
MSC Opera

Source: Schoeps mk21 (DFC/NOS/FOB)-> kc5-> cmc6xt-> SD722 (24/48)-> CD Wave-> Wavelab (16/44)-> FLAC Frontend (Level 6)-> FLAC
Taper: Chris Imburgia

(Disc 1)
1. Intro
2. Jack Straw
3. Ship Of Fools
4. Loose Lucy
5. Crazy Fingers
(Disc 2)
1. Help on the Way >
2. Slipknot >
3. Franklin's Tower
4. Dire Wolf
5. Brokedown Palace
6. Lovelight

Jack Straw - TLG w/ HBR acoustic guitar player (Trev/Josh singing)
Ship Of Fools - ALO w/ a few HBR (Zac from HBR singing)
Loose Lucy - I think it was mostly HBR (Aaron from HBR sang?)
Crazy Fingers - HBR w/ Nat singing lead
Help > Slip > Franklin's - ALO w/ HBR, Josh, Trev (Zach Gill singing)
Dire Wolf - TLG (Trevor singing)
Brokedown Palace - ????
Lovelight - All musicians (Erik from HBR sang w/ Donna Jean Godchaux)