Hall and Oates Live Frankfurt Festhalle 1984-03-17(aud 2nd gen) and on CBC radio (pre-fm)

A parental note: I have gone from torrenting Judy Collins to Mountain, and now to this. Yes, I am somewhat corrupted, both in mind and in spirit. But, I feel uniquely qualified to present the following sarcasm, intact, and uncut, to those too young to fully understand its meaning. May (whatever you believe in) have mercy on their souls!

Hall and Oates is on Dime!

Come on, you like Hall and Oates! You never told anybody, but you know all the words. What do you mean, you can't handle it being here? You need help? Oh.. OH!! OK!

1.) Go way, way back into the corner of your grandmother's garden.

2.) Cut a little bit of the stash you have been growing. If the stash appears, say, a little poor, maybe she knows more than you think!

3.) Dry it, prepare in the custom manner, and take a deeeep breath.

4.) Cue the music, and start singing! "Because Your Kiss, Your Kiss Is On My List... Because Your Kiss Is On My List!"

There now, isn't that better?

Techincal notes:

The Frankfurt show was a purchased one-on-one (sheesh!) copy of the master. Although it was recorded with good equipment, recordings made in the FF tend to sound echoey due to the bad acoustics. The performance is amazing, most of the time. There are also some deeper tracks, this is most certainly not a GH show.

The CBC show is "Live In Central Park", and is from the original radio station master LP. As per a discussion in a long-gone Dire Straits torrent I did, that was just the name of the show. Whereas the DS show was understood to be from San Francisco, I have no information here. It is most likely from the same time period as the Frankfurt show. If you know, please tell us.

Frankfurt (91 minutes)

Family Man
Diddy Do Wop (I hear The Voices)
Italian Girls
Rich Girl
Kiss On My List
Say It Isn't So
One On One
You've Lost That Loving Feeling
I Can't Go For That
Art Of Heartbreak
Sarah Smile
Wait For Me
Private Eyes
Open All Night
Your Imagination (my guess at song title, correct if wrong)

CBC (28 minutes)

Did It In A Minute
She's Gone
Kiss On My List
I Can't Go For That
Private Eyes
You Make My Dreams Come True

Lineage Frankfurt Festhalle ->Maxell Epitaxial XLII90 ->Sound Forge ->'dead space' noise reduction ->flac

Lineage CBC ->LP ->Sound Forge ->click and crackle removal ->'dead space' noise reduction ->flac


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