Daryl Hall & John Oates: Live London, April 26th 2003 - Ocean Club - FM-Broadcast - FLAC

This was broadcast by WDR2 (german broadcast station) last sunday night. The original recording is from the BBC.

I connected my PC on the output of my tape-recorder. (no tape was used)
Lineage: FM broadcast --> PC with Magix Cleaning Lab2003 --> waves --> FLACs (SBE Level8) --> you

Quality: A+ (for my ears)

Setlist: (running time ca. 53 Min.)
01. Adult Education
02. Out Of Touch
03. Do it for love
04. Forever For you
05. One on one
06. Getaway car
07. Sara Smile
08. I canīt go for that
09. Maneater
10. Me and Mrs. Jones

Before track 3 and 6 were a traffic information break. I deleted this, but after a few seconds on track 3 you will hear a
little beep from that. It is so deep in the music, that i didn't delete it.
Between track 9 and 10 is a DJ-speaking. I didn't delete this, because he speaks into the music of track 10.

I hate it very much, when they do such things like that.

And, the same procedure as on my other torrents:
Unfortunately no artwork, so if someone would like to make some, feel free
to do so.

Do NOT encode to MP3 or any other lossy compression format!!
This is intended for free trade only. Do not buy or sell!!


Before it forget, I'm capped by 15kb/sec so please be patient.