THE HEARTLESS BASTARDS - 11-03-2005 at the CAsbah, San Diego

They're about to go on tour again - GO SEE THEM! The band is taper friendly and friendly in general. Buy their stuff. New album being recorded and being released on Fat Possum. First album, Stairs and Elevators is one of the best of last year. I've bought 5 copies of it as gifts for people - it's that damn good - buy it yourself Sparky!
Set list:

New Song My Maker New Resolution Brazen The Swamp Song New Song The Will Song New Piano song Runnin' Grey

Recorded with permission.
Sony TCD-8 DAT with Soundman OKM-II binaural mics. Transferred to stand alone Tascam CD-RW700 via analogue cable. Imported to CD Disc Doctor for tracking. Exported to Toast OSX.

No meanies. No mp3s. No selling. And now ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the show.