hoodoo rhythm devils - ksan, san francisco,
california, june 1977.

1. all night give me your love (fades in)
2. you may need a correction in your direction
3. workin' in a coal mine
4. sweet city street
5. crossroads
6. get somebody new
7. talk
8. me out of love

Soundboard radio broadcast, marvelous sound.

Master tape > equalizer > cd > eac > wav > flac

This is the first and the shorter one of the 2 soundboard shows i
have and i'll upload of the fabolous Joe Crane's Hoodoo RD....if you
do not know the band and any of their 5 lp's they
recorded, my advice is to check them, their sound is a
potent rock with beautiful horns' section, if you know them,
i do not have to add anything more....