Date: October 28, 2011

Venue: Charlatan Gent Belgi´┐Ż / Ghent Belgium

Location: about 10th row little right from center.

Date of first upload at Dimeadozen: 2012-05-20

Editor: grigio <- Thank U...

Lineage: CHURCH AUDIo CA-14 Microphones-> Edirol R09 -> wav24-bit 48.0 khz. ->
Sandisk 8Gb sd card -> To pc via card slot -> Fade in and out and to 16-bit 44.1 khz with Audacity ->
via WeTransfer to Grigio -> Har-Bal v2.3 -> Wavelab v6.10 Build 340 -> (Effects: Magneto 1-5, D82 Sonic Maximizer,
Waves L3 Ultramaximizer) -> via WeTransfer back to me -> Separation of songs with Audacity -> Wav to Flac with TLH
Torrent created with TLH -> Dime -> You...


00. Intro
01. Sirens
02. A Rook House For Bobby
03. Progress Is A Snake
04. We Saw The Deep
05. A Father's Son
06. The Voice Of Reason
07. Water - Sand (New song at the time known as Drum Song)
08. Terra Nova
09. When We Were Kings
10. The Shallows (New song)
11. Victress
12. These Feet Of Clay
13. Sea Of Regrets
14. Spencer Perceval

I wanted to upload these 2 gigs to promote the tour next week where I wanted to make a few new recordings.
Unfortunatly Dave got ill and iLT had to cancel the tour... :-(

Get well soon Dave, all the best...

Never buy or sell these recordings...

Share and trade freely...

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I'll seed this torrent till the next one I'll upload....!!!

Upload #082 - 2012