Galaxy Club,
Los Angeles, CA

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Artwork included


1. Real Fright
2. Possession
3. Filled With Fear
4. Fields Of Sun
5. It's Up To You
6. Gloomy Day To Remember
7. Time To Ignore Evil Temptation
8. Have You Heard?
9. General As It May Seem
10. Lonely Boy
11. Iron Butterfly Theme
12. You Can't Win

boombox's notes january 2006:

Got this one in a trade from one of only two people on
etree with it in their list. The setlist is generally
made up of songs from Heavy (1968) and would appear to
be the correct date given the lack of anything from their
second album. There are embryonic versions of Real
Fright and Filled With Fear, which, with different
lyrics would turn up on Ball (1969). In addition, there
are some songs which do not seem to have made it to
vinyl at all, making this possibly their only recorded

This one came to me as a possible soundboard, but I think
it is in fact a very good (for the era) audience
recording. It's pretty clear, but a bit over-saturated at
times - vocals are also sometimes not too clear. The
audience are very distant, or the club was half empty!!
Whoever taped it also switched off the tape between some
songs. However, I have a number of IB live recordings and
this one is my favourite - and no IGDV in sight!!!

Enjoy and keep it lossless!!!