A torrent and a request. I offer you here the second set of this excellent 1971-03-27 performance by Jackson Browne, very early in his career. The songs are fascinatingly embryonic, the recording is excellent (sample below), and this is a rare glimpse at one of the 70s' best singer/songwriters in concert, 9 months before his first released album. Includes a lot of songs from his unreleased "first album." The request: the first set does circulate, but I have not seen it in its entirety, If you have it in comparable quality, please consider torrenting, so all of us can have the whole show. Thanks in advance. Until then, enjoy this sweet, low-key second set--the earliest high-quality stereo JB recording I've come across. --Doc ----------------------------------------------------------- Jackson Browne 1971-03-27 Jabberwocky Club Syracuse University Syracuse, NY silver discs (from 1st gen copy of original SBD tapes) > EAC > WAV > FLAC Disc 1 - First Set (**NOT INCLUDED IN THIS TORRENT**) 1. Under The Falling Sky 2. World To Gain 3. Together Again 4. Mae Jean Goes To Hollywood 5. Last Time I Was Home 6. Jesus in 3/4 Time 7. My Opening Farewell 8. From Silverlake 9. Rock Me On The Water 10. Jamaica Say You Will Disc 2 - Second Set 1. Together Again 2. Take It Underground 3. When You Lose Your Money 4. Our Lady Of The Well 5. These Days 6. Someday Morning 7. Shadow Dream Song 8. Song For Adam 9. Looking Into You