Swedish Gala Concert Concert for Nicaragua, 1987.12.04, Johanesshov Stockholm, Sweden "CET:9pm-12pm", Radio FM broadcast channel P3. Jackson Browne & Craig Doerge, Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul + Björn Afzelius and Mikael Wiehe.

I'm not sure if anyone has released this stuff, the Gala was to raise money for a project in Nicaragua. The benefit from the Gala gave approx: 1 million Swedish crownes. The theatre in Managua "Ruben Darío", needed money for renevation, and Björn Afzelius with Mikael Wiehe made this possible.

I taped it mainly, for my admiration to Jackson Browne and his music, he is one of the greatest musicians and songwriters. He made some political statements during this time, that I thought was important, there were alot of problems in South America during this time.

The Concert was unfortunately a hassle for Jackson Browne, because his equipment didn't work during the perfomance. He had some problems with the pedals to his guitar or amplifier, so there are some terrible disturbing noice
in the background. I really liked his versions of the songs, and "Forever Man" was just amazingly good.

The Concert includes a song in Swedish with Björn Afzelius and Mikael Wiehe. Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul is the last act in this concert "Great live experience", and they end up the show with all artists on the stage.

Lineage: Analog source>Cassette Philips C90 Ultra Chrome>Marantz digital monitoring cassette deck SD74>Marantz Amplifier PM80>SBAudigy2>Creative WaveStudio for recording, Goldwave for cutting>WAV, PCM 44.1Khz, 16bit>FLAC.

I hope you enjoy this, the quality is quite good, made this for archival purpose and wanted to share it, raw and unmastered.
Tape side.1 (Jackson Browne)
1.Intro 2:43 (Radio host Jan-Erik Sundkvist, Presenter Björn Afzelius)
2.Lives In The Balance (Jackson Browne) 3:45
3.Revenge Will Come (Greg Copeland) 5:30
3.My Personal Revenge (Tomas Borge and Louis Enrique Mejia Godoy, English Translation by Jorge Calderon) 7:55
4.How Long (Jackson Browne) 8:00
5.For Everyman (Jackson Browne) 7:31
6.Interview with (Jackson Browne) 3:10*
7.Som en duva (Björn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe) 4:39

Tape side.2 (Little Steven) **
8.Los Desaparecidos (Little Steven) 8:52
9.Solidarity (Little Stevens) 6:51
10.No More Party`s (Little Steven) 6:52
11.Bitter Fruit (Little Steven) 6:47
12.Undefeated (Little Steven) 6:38
13.Sun City (Little Steven) 7:46 ***

total running time: 86:59 mins
* A Question about why he had reached broader acceptance than Little Steven in U.S.A, for his political engagement in U.S foreign policy in lyrics and with his music e.t.c
** The 1:st track "Sanctuary" missing from Little Stevens live performance, news broadcast between.
*** All artists on stage with Little Steven, Jackson Browne, Imperiet, Björn Afzelius & Mikael Wiehe e.t.c

@2005 Mandorf