Jackson Browne
Regent Theatre, Melbourne, Australia.
16th April 2004.
Audience recording, 2CD
Recorded by Hogweeds

Solo acoustic show. Jackson had toured Australia over a year earlier with full band, but this time appeared in a solo performance. A really enjoyable concert during which Jackson took requests for most of the set. As usual there was one patron who needed a little encouragement to tone down his contributions. Renee Geyer is a bit of a legend on the Australian music scene, and I gather is reasonably well known in the states as well, she's been around at least as long as Jackson, so they probably 'go back a bit'. Recorded with Sony Pro DAT and Sony ECM-959DT stereo mic.

Disc 1, First Set:
1. The Night Inside Me
2. Man of Constant Sorrow
3. Setlist/Loudon Wainwright intro
4. Late for the Sky
5. In-ear Monitor intro
6. My Opening Farewell
7. For Everyman
8. Crow on the Cradle
9. Steve Nunan intro
10. Something Fine
11. Doctor My Eyes
12. For a Dancer
13. introducing Renee Geyer
14. Baby, How Long (duet with Renee Geyer)
15. intermission intro
16. Running On Empty

Second Set:
17. Barricades of Heaven
18. Before the Deluge
Disc 2:
1. I'm Alive
2. Broken fingernail intro
3. Song for Adam
4. Mutineer (Warren Zevon song)
5. Warren Zevon intro
6. (Carmelita) Mohommed's Radio
7. The Pretender
8. David Lindley intro
9. Call it a Loan
10. intro
11. Lives in the Balance
12. 'Gibson Repatriotization Program' intro
13. Casino Nation
14. Too Many Angels
15. intro
16. Naked Ride Home
17. Linda Paloma
18. 'Girlfriend' intro
19. My Stunning Mystery Companion