JACKSON BROWNE - An Evening at the Cirkus (Piggham Records 153-154) [FLAC]
Recorded live at Cirkus, Stockholm, Sweden, November 9 2004

Great sounding audience recording of a great Jackson Browne soloshow!

Ripped with dB PowerAmp from Original CD Silvers
Will upload Original Artwork in a few days!

1. The Barricades of Heaven
2. For Everyman
3. Lives in the Balance
4. For America
5. I Am a Patriot
6. Love Needs a Heart
7. Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
8. Rosie
9. Farther on
10. Your Bright Baby Blues
11. Lawyers in Love
12. Song for Adam
13. Fountian of Sorrow

1. These Days
2. Naked Ride Home
3. Looking East
4. Take it Easy
5. Our Lady of the Well
6. Never Stop
7. The Pretender
8. For a Dancer
9. For Taking the Trouble
10. Too Many Angels
11. Sleeps Dark and Silent Gate
12. The Road
13. Running on Empty
14. Call it a Loan
15. Late for the Sky