Compass Room @ The Grand Lodge
Forest Grove, Oregon

Source: Violet Design Black Fingers
(110 degrees ORTF, DFC, at stage lip. 4 feet approx.)>
Segue Dogstar interconnects>Grace Design Lunatec V2>
Busilver interconnects>Edirol R4 @24/96.

Transfer: Edirol R-4>USB>Dell Dimension 4600>Wavelab 5.0 (normalized,
downsampled to 44.1, dithered to 16 bit using Apogee UV22R algorythym)>
CDwave 1.93.3 (tracked)>Flac Frontend 1.7.1 (level 8)>flac16.

Recording and transfer by Mark Burgin

Set One: [45:28]
01 Intro, [0:35]
02 Billy In The Lowground, [3:32]
03 St. Elanore, [2:59]
04 You Won't Be Satisfied That Way, [3:38]
05 Daughter Of Geronimo, [3:47]
06 Lockwood, [4:01]
07 Down In The Willowgarden, [3:42]
08 Rusty The Rambler, [5:26]
09 Don't Leave Me In Jail Pretty Girl, [3:21]
10 Don't Give Your Heart To A Rambler, [4:43]
11 Mountain Dew, [3:52]
12 Just One More, [3:41]
13 East Tennessee Blues, [2:11]

Set Two: [38:51]
01 Intro, [0:25]
02 The Farewell Blues, [4:00]
03 Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong, [4:14]
04 Ohio, [4:30]
05 If You're Ever Gonna Love Her, [4:20]
06 New Camptown Races, [4:24]
07 Walk The Way The Wind Blows, [3:32]
08 Tell Me Baby Why Ya Been Gone So Long, [4:22]
09 May The Tweens Near Meet, [4:04]
10 Old Dangerfield, [5:00]

Set Three: [34:19]
01 Intro, [1:43]
02 Rawhide, [3:49]
03 Someday Never Comes, [5:15]
04 Alabama Trust, [5:02]
05 Cotton Eyed Joe, [7:55]
06 Dim Lights Thick Smoke, [4:32]
07 Live And Let Live, [3:45]
08 Right Right On, [2:18]

Darrin Craig - guitar, vocals
John Neufeld - guitar, vocals
David Pugh - mandolin, vocals
Jesse Whither - bass, vocals

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NOTES: This was the maiden voyage of a new pair of mics I picked up.
The Violet Design Black Fingers. The mics come with what is called a reflector ring.
Set one I ran with the rings at the capsule tips.
Set two I ran with the rings at mid body.
Set three I ran with no rings.
My record levels, stand location and height never changed.
All 3 sets had way different waveforms and sound different to my ears.
I think I like set two the best with the ring at mid body.
Vocals are a little weak because of my location but I was dying to get an idea of what these mics can bring sonically.
These babies will require a learning curve for sure. Lemme know your opinions.
[Sets two and three can fit on one disc.] Cheers!

Link to a picture of my setup and location for those interested.