Jaco Pastorious: bass
Brian Melvin: drums
Jon Davis: keys
Paul Mausavi?- guitar

The Dock
Tiburon, CA

I decided to up this to ,in a way, liberate the the "Curtain Call" bootleg. I see that fans posting on the Jaco discussion group are after the out of print 1 disc bootleg and some are paying more than 100 US dollars on E-Bay for it! Even some fans who are critical of Jaco's later performances comment that he was in good form for this gig. I'm not sure if I agree after hearing some of Jaco's recklessness displayed on this more complete version.

Also, I had a chance to talk to Brian Melvin once and when I brought up the "Curtain Call" disc, he was more than agitated. Simply he felt ripped off & indeed he, Jon Davis & Jaco's estate were. Like Jimi Hendrix, Jaco's music was/is feasted on by profiteering vultures.

That said: Be especially vigilant regarding this one showing up on E-Bay & thwart all sellers with all your might!


This recording is nice and clear from DAT but has a fair amount of tape hiss. A kind & gentle remaster might be warranted here.I hope to see this rare show with a clean set of clothes reseeded some time down the road. Also, Anyone who wants to take a crack at a set list would be much appreciated.

Lastly, this show is dedicated to the memory of one of Jaco's biggest fans and one of the warmest, most generous tape & then CD traders I have ever crossed paths with on the internet,John Gerren. He passed away in 04' after a courageous struggle with a chronic illness.