James Gang
New York City, NY - Academy Of Music 7402(14?)
*bonus: Bang outtakes!*

Lineage: Unknown gen cd-r -> rip -> FLAC
Length: 47 + 23min.
Source: Audiencerecording/studio outtakes
Quality: B-/B

Hereīs the second best of the circulating recordings I have with the Gang feat. Tommy B. There seem to be some disagreement over the date, I found february 14th to be the most widely circulated but donīt hold me to it. February seem to be the acknowledged month though.

A blistering set by the Gang, and it features my favourite Bang-song: The devil is singing our song. Very nice indeed! The quality is not like the earlier post, but still enoyable.

Just to add to the overall enjoyment I added five outtakes from Bang. There doesnīt seem to be much unreleased studiostuff circulating but I got these five tracks together with nine outtakes from Miami which are also very nice but deserve a post of their own. Iīm not a Gang-expert, so if any of these outtakes should appear to be fake - please post here and let us all know. They sound nice though and the two versions of Alexis are GREAT! The little information I got with these outtakes are added below.

1. Funk 49
2. The devil is singing our song
3. Must be love
4. Stratus
5. Going down slow
6. Standing in the rain
7. Walk away
8. My door is open

Bang outtakes: Cleveland Recording Studios, CLeveland, OH september 1973
9. Alexis #1 ("brighter mix")
10. Alexis #2 ("dull mix")
11. Mystery
12. From another time (w/o album segue)
13. Ride the wind (diff. mix)


Rainbow - Staten Island, NY - Richmond College 1971 (spring)
Amityville, NY - The Daisy 730616 (2 shows, one complete and one partial)
Le Tangīs Ballet Studio - Rehearsals 1973 (possibly wrong venue)
Bell Sound Studio rehearsals 1973 (complete, not Boxset-version)
New York, NY - Academy Of Music 740126 (8mm-video, 1min. 53sec.)
Hammond, IN - Parthenon Theatre 741018
East Lansing, MI - The Brewery 741021
Detroit, MI - Cobo Hall 750516
Tulsa, OK - Fairgrounds Pavilion 750613
Waterbury, CT - Palace Theatre 751218 (audio)
Springfield, MA - Civic Center 760328 (audio)
Houston, TX - The Summit 760813 (Full show - Video or soundboard audio)
New Orleans, LA - Municipal Auditorium 761204
Oklahoma City, OK - Myriad Convention Center 771115
Landover, MD - Capital Center 771220 (video or soundboard audio)
Baton Rouge, LA - Riverside Centroplex 771227
Landover, MD - Capital Center 790707 (video or soundboard audio)
Roanoke, VA - Civic Center 790710
West Palm Beach, FL - Auditorium 830203

I would consider selling off/trading in most of my living relatives (and some of the passed ones too) to hear these shows!!! Come on people, someone must know where they are????