James Taylor
Auditorium Theater, Chicago
May 4, 1974

Audience: ampex c-90 master > cdrw > cdwave > flac

Disc 1
01. Close Your Eyes
02. Riding On A Railroad
03. Something In The Way She Moves
04. Long Ago And Far Away
05. Sunshine Sunshine
06. Night Owl
07. Me & My Guitar
08. Country Road
09. You Got A Friend
10. Promised Land
11. Carolina On My Mind
12. Migration

Disc 2
13. Let It Fall Down
14. Brighten Your Night With My Day
15. Knockin’ Around The Zoo
16. One Man Parade
17. Rock N’ Roll Is Music Now
18. Anywhere Like Heaven
19. Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
20. Fire And Rain
21. Mockingbird **

** with Carly Simon

The seventh release from the Howard Silver collection. Sound quality similar to the other releases (very good). I do not believe this show is complete…the Carnegie Hall shows have 2 encores after Mockingbird, including Sweet Baby James. Unfortunately, those are not here. Fortunately, the majority of the show does exist, and we are grateful for that!!

This is the second release from the Howard Silver collection. Originally from New York, Howard spent his college years and thereafter in Chicago. He attended many concerts in the 70’s and taped many of them using a Sony TC-110 with built in microphone. Later shows, he used an external microphone, of which brand he does not recall.

These shows have never been heard by anyone but Howard and his wife! However, he is no hoarder. He did not think anyone would be interested in his tapes. How wrong he was!!! More to come….stay tuned!!

enjoy & share the music,