Janis Joplin w. Johnny Winter: Boston Music Hall-12/11/69-Early Show-1st Gen Tape

1st gen tape>cd-r>Bias Peak Pro 5 (song indexing)>XACT>flac

This is a very rare and special gig, one of the few times Janis Joplin and Johnny Winter were recorded playing together. Johnny was in town at the Boston Tea Party and stopped by to play with his old Southeast Texas friend, Janis. Johnny is from Beaumont and Janis was from nearby Port Arthur. The quality of this show is VG and song samples are provided. Janis was touring with the Kozmic Blues Band, promoting the Kozmic Blues album. Thanks to the Florida Kid for the tape.

Setlist (50:54)
1. Raise Your Hand
2. ?
3. Kozmic Blues
4. Port Arthur Blues w. Johnny Winter on guitar and vocals
5. Help Me Baby w. Johnny Winter on guitar
6. Maybe
7. Try
8. Piece of My Heart

Posted by Mesquite 7/27/06