Johnny Winter 79-04-22
Essen, Ger-to-many

see pictures below

Sisters and Brothers!

This is my favorit JW shows ever. Since it was Broadcasted, I tried to get a copy. After millions of trades, I put this together.from the best sounding sources. Only track 10 ends too quickly, but its the complete show, and its a great show.

it was a great night: J Geils Band opened the eve, followed by Patti Smith, and at about 3 or 4 in the morning, Johnny entered the stage. He wanted to play the pure blues, but as you can hear,people wanted to rock and roll. but hey, Johnny can do both!

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By the way, I do have the show on DVD, but with poor sound and poor picture quality.

Sound: the sound is better than on most other JW shows seeded. The broadcasted sound wasnt very good, but you will like it.

Enjoy this fine show!


Patti Smith on track 6+8

01 Hideaway (10'35'')
02 Messin' With The Kid (7'25'')
03 Walking By Myself (7'32'')
04 Mississippi Blues (16'50'')
05 Divin' Duck (6'13'')
06 Johnny B. Goode (5'35'')


07 Suzie Q (12'38'')
08 Drum Solo (10'05'')
09 I'm Ready (5'36'')
10 Rockabilly Boogie (5'42'')
11 Medley (15'46'')
12 Jumpin' Jack Flash (6'20'')

Johnny Winter - Guitar/Vocals
Jon Paris - Bas