Johnny Winter at Palais de Congresse, Hull, Quebec, Canada - April 07, 1983

Seeded by request of hkdave who attended this show. He quotes about it: "... It was a great show (...) you mention on your list that the above show is short, well Kim Mitchell opened for Johnny on this night and he played for about an hour as well. I remember Johnny playing for about 75 minutes though". My recording is only about 62 minutes long - the drum solo is cut - and hkdave quotes again: "I think the show would be complete as on your list if the drum solo wasn't cut. I remember the drum solo being very good as well!!". So you'll get it as I have it.

It was send to me as an analog audio tape by my friend Jeff James (roryglzep - many thanx to him) and likely the tape is a second generation copy from the master that is sent to him by nocturnalnph. nocturnalnph quote a few days ago: "My friend taped the Hull show.....acoustics were sh*tty and we had a JVC deck then. Still a nice piece of work!"

If So, the lineage would be:
Master tape by nocturnalnph's friend (JVC recorder)>> nocturnalnph's tape >> Jeff's tape >> Sansui D-95M metal tape cassete deck >> Creative Live! 24 bit sound card >> edition using Cool Edit Pro software (mainly cut out blank spaces, indexing tracks & normalizing volume levels) >> my cdr >> extract to flac using dBpowerAMP Music Converter >> you

Set List:
1. intro
2. hideaway
3. messing with the kid
4. rock'n'roll hoochie koo
5. unseen eye
6. stranger
7. bony moronie
8. drum solo [many cuts, only a 11 seconds fragment left]
9. bony moronie [conclusion]
10. highway 61 revisited
11. johnny b. goode

12. mother earth
13. it's all over now

I think it's a very good (overloaded) audience recording; Johnny's voice a bit muffled. A fine performance as always.

Please be patient, my bandwidth is very limited. Hope you enjoy it.

Another JW torrents upon requests, from my list.

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