Outremont, QC -- Outremont Theatre
2005 Dec 17 -- late (8:00 pm) performance

Another superb performance from the McGarrigles and friends. Sound is perfect. Companion
to the 4:00 pm performance torrented previously.

My connection to the internet is unstable. Sould the seed disappear, I will reestablish it soonest
possible. Patience, please, if required.

Recorded with permission: Sennheiser MKE2002 -> Denon DTR80P
Transfer: Fostex D5 -> M-Audio 2496 (digital port) -> CEPro (trim, fades, level adjust) -> CDwave
(track splits) -> CDR; -> EAC (secure) -> Flack (level 8,. SBE corrected, tested)
Torrent: maketorrent (EAC logs, ffp, md5 included)

Disc one: (75:57)
02. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
04. Il est ne
05. Ça Bergers
07. Rebel Jesus
09. Cherry Tree Carol
11. Wise Men
13. Spotlight on Christmas
15. Port Starboard Sox
17. Some Children See Him
19. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
21. Blue Christmas
23. Happy Birthday [to Chaim]
25. Counting Stars
27. What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
29. Old Waits Carol
31. -band intro-
tracks 01, 03, and even 06 -> 30: tuning, talk, applause

Disc two: (31:37)
01. Seven Joys of Mary
03. Minuit chritien
05. Hard Times
08. (Talk to Me of) Mendocino
09. Ballad of Mary Magdalene
tracks 02, 04, 07: tuning, talk, applause
track 09: Composed and sung by Richard Shindell. No McGarrigle connection but sits very
nicely in this collection which includes many other non-traditional Christmas-related songs.

Kate McGarrigle
Anna McGarrigle
Jane McGarrigle
Rufus Wainwright
Martha Wainwright
Lily Lanken
Silvan Lanken
Dane Lanken - trumpet
Vinnie Dow- spoken vocal
Joel Zifkin - violin
Chaim Tannenbaum - lead vocal, mandolin, harmonica
Brad Albetta - bass
Jody Golick - saxophone
John McColgan - drums
Michael Jerome Brown - guitar
Tom Mennier - organ

Please pass on in lossless format only. Do not sell or auction (or in any way permit or facilitate
the sale or auction of) this or any other fan-made recording. Support the performers by
purchasing their official releases and attending their live dates. The McGarrigles expect to bring
their Christmas Hour shows to perhaps eight cities in December.