Keller Williams
KPFA Public Radio Broadcast
"Dead to the World" hosted by David Gans
Berkeley, CA

source: KPFA SBD > DAT
DAT > CDR conversion by David Gans (
CD > WAV (EAC) > .flac Reseed by Jake Clemens (

note: This is a recording of a combination of album tracks,
live tracks, and an interview conducted by David Gans.
The album tracks have removed due to copyright issues.
As a consequence, some of the tracks do not flow seamlessly
together. I will not trade the album tracks, so please don't ask.

1. interview >
2. One Hit Wonder
3. Thin Mint > Unbroken Chain
4. "play a concise Best Feeling" *
5. Best Feeling
6. "do you give lessons?"
filler 1:
7. Bird Song (2/24/00)
8. Doin' That Rag (3/10/00)
filler 2:
9. GD - Dark Star 10/9/89 Hampton, VA