Keller Williams
Crocodile Rock Cafe
Allentown, PA

Schoeps CMC6/MK4V's>
Lunatech V2 > AD2K+(48/24)>
VX Pocket > Vaio
Resample & Bit Dither SoundForge 6.0

Taped & Transferred by Kevin Slivka

Disc 1
Set I:
1. Jam> Vacate
2. Let It Rock>
3. Welcome Loop>
Drive My Car
4. 221
5. Life Is
6. Get On Up>
Cars Trucks Buses>
For The Love of Money>
Whole Lotta Love>
Get On Up
7. American Car
8. Vocal Loop
9. For Free (on piano)
10.Loop> My Sisters and Brothers
11.It's A Plant>
12.Loop> Johnny B. Goode%

Set II:
1. Hunting Charlie> India
2. Wind Cries Mary
3. Keep It Simple
4. Toy Loop> Hum Diddly Eye tease>
5. Skitso> Got No Feathers
6. Mountains of the Moon>
7. Voila Lee Blues
8. Sheebs> Spartan Clarinet
9. Love Handles
10.Alligator Alley> Loop
11.St. Stephen

12.Rasta Man Chant>
Loop> Rasta Man Chant