Keller Williams
Fillmore Auditorium
Denver, Colorado

Source: AKG C391's > W-Mod. UA-5 (24/48KHz) > HP IPAQ 2415/PDAudio
Microphone Configuration: Stereo A-B
Location: Left Side, Behind soundboard
Transfer: Transcends 4GB SD Card > Sony RX881 via SD Card Reader
Mastering: S.F. 8 (Resampled, Normalizes, Fades)
Tracking: CD Wave
Sector Boundry Correction: Shntool
Original Bit Depth: 24-Bit
Original Sampling Frequency: 48KHz
Final Bit Depth: 16-Bit
Final Sampling Frequency: 44.1KHz
File Format: 16-Bit FLAC
Special Audio Final Format: No
Recorded by:
Transferred/Editted by:
Cover Art:

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01 Breathe > Loop > Breathe
02 Zilla
03 Kinky Reggae
04 Skitso
05 Swing
06 Gate Crashers Suck
07 Best Feeling
08 Conservative Christian
09 Nobody told me
10 Tribe
11 Love Handles
12 Vanilla Ice Cream
13 Loop > Horns > Band Intro
14 Contact
15 Celebrate Your Youth