"THE ESSENTIAL OF KELLER WILLIAMS" - some crazy tracks on the llama

First of all, I'd like to thank Keller, Lou, Llama: Live Music Archive and all the tapers for providing us these wonderful recordings.
This 1CD compilation contains Keller's incredible jewels downloaded from the Llama. Maybe it's for those who haven't been familiar with this genius, but I hope many ardent fans could enjoy them as well.
All the tracks were downloaded from the Llama, then edited with EAC, SoundEngine Free and some the other software.
All copyrights for these audio recordings are reserved by Keller Williams and any commercial use of said recordings is absolutely forbidden.

Source: various SBD recordings on www.archive.org
Total Playing Time: 79m54s
Format: FLAC (comp level 5)

01. [01-22-2004] Opening Jam >
02. [01-22-2004] Night Fever
03. [03-21-1998] Castles Of Sand > Little Wing > Castles Of Sand
04. [03-26-2004] Bob Rules >
05. [03-26-2004] Run Like An Antelope >
06. [03-26-2004] Run Away Jim >
07. [03-26-2004] Run Like An Antelope >
08. [03-26-2004] Bob Rules >
09. [03-26-2004] Sideways Tree >
10. [03-26-2004] Stairway To Heaven >
11. [03-26-2004] Stairway To The Watchtower
12. [06-03-1998] Blackbird > Dancing Days > Jam >
13. [06-03-1998] Wild World
14. [01-22-2004] Loup > Lou's Trumpet & Flugal Diddy
15. [10-26-2002] Xylophone Tube Loup >
16. [10-26-2002] Rapper's Delight >
17. [10-26-2002] Ay Oh Chant
18. [10-26-2002] Bohemian Rhapsody - a capella
19. [06-25-1997] The Weight (added a shot interview with David Guns)

This torrent included some coverart for your jewel case.
BMP's: 350 pixels/inch for printing
JPG's: 72 pixels/inch for samplers
Of course, Keller has all copyrights for all images on them except a picture of a guitar on the background. It's my 30-year-old one. Keller never plays such a cheap guitar.

Official Home Page: http://www.kellerwilliams.net/
Live Music Archive: http://www.archive.org/audio/etree.php
(Keller's taping policy: http://www.archive.org/audio/etree-band-details.php?band=Keller%20Williams)
FLAC Frontend: http://flac.sourceforge.net/download.html

Thanks for reading.
Let's enjoy his fantastic world now!