Kentucky Colonels
The Cabale
Berkeley, CA

Roland White
Clarence White
Roger Bush
Billy Ray Lathum
Eric White

The Colonels run at the Cabale was 4-16-1964 through 4-19-1964...this is the final night of the run.

For some reason, the fidelity of this recording changes dramatically (for the better) at track 09 in the first set. The first 8 tracks are very muffled and quiet, and are not really very fun to listen to. The remainder of the concert is good quality.


Set 1:

01. Intro
02. Hot Corn, Cold Corn
03. Lonesome Road Blues
04. Memories of Mother and Dad
05. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
06. Roanoke
07. Uncle Pen
08. Feast Here Tonight
(begin higher fidelity tracks)
09. Clinch Mountain Backstep
10. Way Down Town
11. Wildwood Flower
12. Listen to the Mockingbird
13. Cumberland Gap
14. Pass Me Not By
15. Shady Grove


Set 2:

01. Intro
02. Ground Hog
03. Pike County Breakdown
04. In the Pines
05. Mocking Banjo
06. Pig in a Pen
07. Rose of Old Kentucky
08. Salt Creek
09. Footprints in the Snow
10. Soldier's Joy/Black Mountain Rag
11. I Am a Pilgrim
12. Wicked Path of Sin
13. Get Down on Your Knees and Pray
14. Rawhide

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