Chateau Liberte, Santa Cruz, CA

Source: Soundboard > 7 1/2 ips Master Reel (Maxell UD35-7)
A>D Transfer: Teac x-300R Reel Deck > HHB Burnit via CD-RW
SHN Transfer: Dell Inspiron 4100 > Easy CD-DA Extractor > CDWav > mkw 0.96f

Bob Weir: Guitar, Vocals
Robbie Hoddinott: Guitar, Vocals
Matt Kelly: Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals
Dave Torbert: Bass, Vocals
Chris Herold: Drums

Disc 1 (Set 1):
1. Next Time You See Me 3:53
2. Jump Back 3:57
3. Big Iron 4:42
4. Youngblood 2:44
5. Muleskinner Blues 4:27
6. Finger Pop 4:37
7. Jump For Joy 4:18
8. Promised Land 3:11
Total time: 31:48

Disc 2 (Set 2):
1. Hypnotize 6:02
2. Asia Minor 5:10
3. Juke 3:01
4. I Hear You Knockin' 4:59
5. I Used To Love Her 4:48
6. Rattlesnake 4:06
7. Mona 5:14
8. Mystery Train 4:47
9. Battle of New Orleans 7:17
10. Around & Around 4:56
Total time: 50:21

- I recorded this show by plugging into a soundboard feed that was piped outside the club to an Econoline van in the parking lot. I brought my reel deck because you never know if you're going to be able to talk your way into a board feed. As it turns out, a teacher from my recording engineering school in San Francisco was doing the sound and allowed me to plug into the board. So I got to record the show, but I didn't actually see the show. Instead I froze my ass off in a van in the parking lot. The stuff one does to preserve a show on tape :-)

- NOTE: During the song breaks you will hear faint music. This is due to print-through, a process that occurs when reel tape is stored for long periods of time.

fStop (aka Ed Perlstein -