"In Concert 1974"
Blåbärspye Records (BP1974CD001), 2006

01. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
02. Daylight
03. Here Comes Flash
04. Demolition
05. He's Evil
06. Lola
07. Here Comes Yet Another Day
08. Skin And Bone / Dry Bones
09. Celluloid Heroes
10. Slum Kids

Totalt playing time: 43:06

Tracks 1-6: BBC 'In Concert', Hippodrome Theatre, Golders Green, London, UK, July 14, 1974.
Tracks 7-9: ABC TV 'Wide World - In Concert', Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park, London, UK, June 4, 1974.
Track 10: unknown venue/location, 1974.

All tracks compiled and remastered from the best available sources.


Tracks 1-6 EQ'd to match the songs found on the official BBC CD on Sanctuary Records.
Feel free to splice and dice them at your own peril to get a complete show!
Manually de-clicked in Adobe Audition 2.0. Probably one of the most tedious and boring things
you could do in your spare time. Source: 'Lola (And Other Sophisticated Songs)' silver CD.

Tracks 7-9 from the ABC TV & Radio simulcast, broadcast on August 16 1974.
EQ'd to better match the previous BBC tracks. Quality still leaves a bit to be desired though.
Improved stereo separation. Source: 'Kollektable Kinks Kontraband - Revised Edition' fan CDR.

Track 10 recorded at an unknown venue/location in 1974. Speed corrected, EQ'd and some general restoration.
Rough sound (probably sourced from a TV broadcast), but still a great performance of this unreleased song.
Source: 'Lola (And Other Sophisticated Songs)' silver CD.

All tracks extracted with EAC (secure mode, test & copy, offset correction).

Includes full artwork.