The Kinks recorded live at Detroit's Cobo Arena, August 10, 1979. This is an excellent (ex) quality SBD recording. Enjoy.

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1. Life on the Road
2. Life on the Road (jam)
3. Permanent Waves
4. Lola (intro)
5. Lola
6. Misfits
7. Low Budget (intro)
8. Low Budget
9. Superman
10.Superman (jam)
11.You Really Got Me
12.Gallon of Gas (intro)
13.Gallon of Gas
14.Gallon of Gas (jam)
15.Celluloid Heroes (intro)
16.Celluloid Heroes
17.All Day and All of the Night
20.Twist and Shout

*note* YRGM (intro)/Sleepwalker is missing from the beginning of this concert.

God Save The Kinks!!