Lloyd Noble Center-Norman, Oklahoma
February 16, 1985

Recording: Sony mic ECM939T > Sony D6 > Maxel MX
Lineage: Master audience Cassette > Akai GX-R60EX > Cool Edit Pro (Indexed/Master boost gain +3dbs/High Shelf boost) > CDR > Flac
Location: Floor Row K, Dead Center

01 Around The Dial
02 State Of Confusion
03 The Hard Way
04 Don't Forget To Dance
05 Rawhide > Lola t ease > Come Dancing
06 Do It Again
07 Living On A Thin Line
08 Guilty
09 Word Of Mouth
10 Missing Persons
11 Oklahoma Blues Improv > Lola
12 Superman tease > All Day And All Night
13 I Gotta Move
14 (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
15 You Really Got Me

Continuing to work my way thruough my master tapes we find The Kinks recorded live on their "Word Of Mouth" Tour, this is the 1st time it's available directly from my master tape. This is probably one of the last shows I taped on the D6 before I upgraded my equipment and mics.

I boosted the vocals a bit and generally pulled the whole thing forward just slightly to brighten it up and give it a bit more punch.

Very good show that contains a number of one-off snippets for the Oklahoma audience.

As always, so now one wastes their time or bandwidth, samples are below...