Knack 12-10-81
Malibu on Lido Beach,Long Island, NY

FM > ? > cdrx > eac > wav > cool edit pro 2.0 > shntool > shn

01. Intro
02. Let Me Out
03. Boy's Go Crazy
04. Tell Me Your Mine
05. Soul Kissing
06. The Hard Way
07. Little Cows Big Mistake
08. Good Girls Don't
09. Heartbeat
10. She Likes The Beat
11. She's So Selfish
12. Open Up The Door
13. Another Lousy Day In Paradise
14. Tequila > Break On Through
15. Frustrated
16. Rave Up
17. My Sharona
18. Travelin' Band

Doug Fieger - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Berton Averre - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Prescott Niles - Bass Guitar
Bruce Gary - Drums

TidBit: Doug Fieger is the brother of Attorney Geoffrey Fieger, best known for representing Dr. Jack Kevorkian in a series of assisted suicide cases.

Cool Edit Pro used to retrack show so beginning of tracks start at music and talking at the end of the previous track.