WLIR Pre-FM #6
Larry Carlton
My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY
October 1978

No Set List

I had no idea who Larry Carlton was, so I actually listened to this before posting it to see if it was
worthwhile. I immediately said to myself that I recognized his sound. A quick Google search
proved my suspicions correct.

Larry Carlton is an accomplished Jazz guitarist, who briefly played with Steely Dan (he did the
guitar solo on Kid Charlemagne.) The sound is readily distinguishable as being within that
Steely Dan late 70's feel.

So kick back and enjoy this excellent recording.


PS - Just to hear the Crazy Eddie commercial over the PA system at the beginning of the show,
may make the whole download worthwhile to some. (To those who don't know, Crazy Eddie
(Eddie Antar) was a legendary stereo equipment store, the first to offer the beat anybody else's
price deal in the NYC area in the 70's. His advertising pitch was "His Prices Are Insane!!!" In
the early 1980's Crazy Eddie's went public as a corporation trading on the stock exchange, he
inflated his inventory to raise the stock price, and then sold off a bunch of the stock. Eddie
disappeared for about 10-15 years, was found overseas, extradited back to the US, and served
approx. 3-5 years in a Federal penitentiary.