Larry Carlton with Robben Ford
Tokyo Blue Note
04 September 2006 Early Show

01 That Road
02 Burnable
03 Untitled
04 Talk To Your Daughter
05 ?
06 Rio Samba
07 Too much
08 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
09 ?
10 Summertime

Larry Carlton (guitar)
Robben Ford (guitar, vocals)
Travis Carlton (bass)
Jeff Babko (keyboards)
Toss Panos (drums)

SONY ECM-719 - iRiver H340 with Rockbox - Soundforge (normalise, track splits) - dbPowerAmp - FLAC

I'm no expert in rating aud sound quality but this sounds great to my ears! Bass response could be better but that's typical with a relatively cheap mic. Let me know how you would rate this.

Not sure of the tracklist - I have seen track 8 listed as Derek's Blues but it sure sounds like Pork Pie Hat to me!

This was recorded the day after the Tokyo Jazz Festival (If you don't have akiyama's FM post of this you NEED it NOW!!!!)