man with john cipollina - keystone, berkeley,
california, august 9th 1976.
(complete soundboard show)

disc one.

1. let the good times roll
2. 7171-551
3. a hard way to die
4. welsh connection
5. something is happening
6. ride and view
7. you are out of your head
8. born with a future
9. come on medley

disc two.

1. many are called
2. introducing john cipollina
3. baby i'm gonna leave you *
4. hard way to live *
5. romain * (with a triple guitars' solo)
6. bananas *

*with john cipollina

superb uncirculated soundboard from master.

master reel to reel > eaqualizer > cd > eac > wav > flac

this ia a little gift for everybody. the performance is awesome,
the sound quality too. beside this complete version from master is
never circulated, don't even know if the complete audience tape of
this show is circulated, normally only two songs with cipollina from
this show were traded, and, erroneusly, everybody was thinking
that john was playing in only 2 songs in this show, when, actually,
he's playing in four songs.