March 19,1997
Cabooze on the West Bank
Minneapolis MN USA
Quality: Very Good

St. Augustine
Stranger Than Fiction
Don't Fuck with Flo
Spaz Medicine
Time Again
Brent Black

My first moe. tape.
From a friend of a friend who was chummy with the band and recording shows at the time. My cassette was recorded from what I was told was the master DAT. The quality was great on my cassette. So great that we played it to near death.
The CD version here was made over two years later and may reflect some wear and tear to the Maxell.

Not really sure about the setlist on this one. I was told this was a one set show because the band started late.
As I remember,my cassette that I transferred this from had "CalifornIA > Jazz Wank" that was cut off mid Wank(no "Buster"), so I left it off my CD.
The only setlists I can find for this show list "32 Things" and "Rebubula",but they were never on my tape. And to make things more confusing,my recording includes "Stranger Than Fiction",which is not included on any of the setlists.

So I really don't know what we have here.
I've been unsuccessful finding another copy of this show,
complete or otherwise.Could be "new to circulation". But here is what I have of it. Enjoy!