Cowboy Neal at the Wheel + Acid Test Filler
Neal Cassady
San Francisco, CA

Source: ? > Cass (maxell XLII-S)
Transfer: Sony TC-WE305 > coax > Audigy > Soundforge 6.0 > CD Wave > Flac

Another gem (the first of many more) provided by fonky1. Transfer by TeddyD.

Tracks A01 - A06* (30:54)

*Replaced right channel with left channel, much nicer sound. Smoothed -2 using Soundforge 6.0.
Tracked in five minute intervals.

None of this info is mine, most was taken off bt.etree. I can only assume that we are talking
about the same recording. Interesting to say the least, "he had a way of seeing around corners...
of being at the right place at the right time"......with the right line. Take it for what it is,
random rambling, and a glimpse of something special.
"Drive" These soundtracks are from a series of tapes Cassady made in the fall of '65. Mountain Girl and Kesey ran the
recording equipment. Backed by Robin and the Hoods, Neal Cassady, the famous come-on artist, takes a verbal joyride
through his life, his cars, his women, and the lessons he learns along the way--spontaneously.

Neal Cassidy at Acid Test with Grateful Dead playing in background
Date and location unknown

Tracks B01-B09 (41:30)

Tracked in five minute intervals.
Sorry if this text is hard to read.