Neil Young
Elektra demos and more
Demos for Elektra records, New-York, september 1965
Rare recordings 1970-1984

Source : sliver CD>dbpoweramp>flac
ref : boot ED1965, Made in USA

Sound quality : very good to excellent, A

Tracks :

1- sugar mountain
2- Nowadays Clancy can't even sing
3- Run around babe
4- Don't pity my baby
5- I ain't got the blues - false start 1
6- I ain't got the blues - false start 2
7- I ain't got the blues - false start 3
8- I ain't got the blues - final take
9- The rent is always due
10- When it falls, it falls aver you

1-10 Elektra studios, NYC, september 1965, Neil solo with acoustic guitar

11- Everybody's alone
Rehearsals at KQED TV, USA, december 1970

12- Traces (with CSN&Y)
13- Love art blues (with CSN&Y)
Coliseum, Seattle, july 9, 1974

14- Stringman
Hammersmith Odeon, London, march 31,1976

15- Southern man (with Stills/Young band)
Civic center, Providence, july7,1976

16- Give me strengh
Live in USA, november 1976

17- Lady Wingshot
Miami beach, november 12, 1977

18- Amber Jean
19- Let the fingers do the talking
20- Helpless
21- Down by the river
Austin City limits TV Show, Austin, september 25, 1984

Here's a very early Neil stuff in great quality.
I've bought this boot 3 or 4 for years ago, I don't remember when exactly.
The boot came with no more infos than those above, no label, just a ref number ED1965, but in a beautiful brown digipack.

Anybody with more details about this will be welcome :-))

Original artwork included.

Enjoy !