Neil Young w/ The Stray Gators
Public Hall, Cleveland Convention Center
Cleveland, Ohio

Equipment : Sony Portable Cassette w/AKG D-1000-E DOW Mic
Location : 5th Row Center
Lineage : Master Cassette > wav > Sound Forge 7.0 > CDR
> EAC (100% on single tracks) > GoldWave (to cue tracks) > mkw Audio > shn
Source : Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Joe Ray from the Kenai River, Alaska

CD1 [0:42:10]
01. On The Way Home
02. Here We Are In The Years
03. I Am A Child
04. Journey Through The Past
05. Out On The Weekend *
06. Harvest
07. Old Man
08. Heart Of Gold
09. The Loner ^

*) after this song Neil talks directly to the taper.. "We're gonna get you."
^) fades out at the end

note from the taper:

This IS the "We Gonna Get You" master tape! As Joe Ray recalls it;
"After Neil's comment to get me ('the guy with the microphone'), I held the
microphone where it could not be seen until 'The Loner' (uncomplete), when
I turned the deck off. I was sitting in the 5th row center and the roadies
were looking for me from the side of the stage. The pressure was on me,...
if I would have been caught I would have been arrested, etc.,... so, I just
stopped taping. I put the expensive AKG D-1000-E microphone in my boot.
I lost the $40.00 Sony Portable Cassette Deck and the Microphone Cord by
saved the microphone and the tape. I became much more stealthy when
recording shows after this incident!"