11-20-1973, Auditorium Theater, Chicago, Illinois
w/ The Santa Monica Flyers

Disk 1
1 Don't Be Denied
2 When You Dance, I Can Really Love
3 Tonight's The Night
4 Mellow My Mind
5 New Mama
6 Roll Another Number
7 Tired Eyes
8 The Needle And The Damage Done
9 Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (cut)
10 Human Highway
11 Helpless

Disk 2
12 I Believe In You
13 Cinnamon Girl
14 Cowgirl In The Sand
15 The Losing End (cut near the end)
16 Tonight's The Night

Tour : 1973 Tonight's The Night Tour with The Santa Monica Flyers

Band : The Santa Monica Flyers
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica
Ben Keith - pedal steel guitar, piano, vocals
Nils Lofgren - guitar, piano, accordion, vocals
Billy Talbot - bass, vocals
Ralph Molina - drums, vocals

Lineage: Aud Master > 1st generation cassette > Nakamachi deck >
Yamaha CDR burner > CDR > EAC(secure) > ProTools > xACT > FLAC(8)

Here is finally the complete version of this show from a December
2005 transfer from first gen cassettes held by the taper. The
master cassettes are gone. A 90-minute version of this show has
circulated for some time, but this is 30 minutes longer.

In general this is a perfectly fine average quality recording,
but just so you know the first two tracks are lower quality than
most of the rest. The end of The Losing End and the beginning of
second TTN are lesser quality than the middle part of the show.
22 minutes into the second TTN there is 3-minute portion where
the volume drops significantly. Normally I'd just raise the
volume of something like that, but it really didn't help much so
I just left it as is. After the 3 minute portion the sound
improves again. The only thing I did to the recording was clean
up some of the cuts and adjust the pitch slightly (it ran a bit

Don't let all of that get in the way though. This is a great show
similar to the TTN shows in England a week prior. Historic stuff
with some great between song raps and a 35 minute TTN! Thanks go
out to the taper for his efforts 33 years ago as well as with
the recent transfer.