Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Jaap Eden Hall, Amsterdam

unknown lineage, vg-g audience recording


disc 1: acoustic set

01. Tell me why
02. Mellow my mind
03. After the gold rush
04. Sad movies
05. The needle and the damage done
06. A man needs a maid
07. No-one seems to know
08. Heart of gold

disc 2: electric set

01. intro
02. Country home
03. Don't cry no tears
04. Down by the river
05. The losing end
06. Like a hurricane
07. Let it shine
08. Drive back
09. Southern man
09. Cortez the killer
10. Cinnamon girl

two rare live tracks, Sad movies still officially unreleased (waiting for the Archives…) and only performed live six times ever and Let it shine played twelve times live…..

enjoy the show

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