Neil Young
Bicentennial Park
Miami, Florida
w/ The Gone With The Wind Orchestra

treed at 07/2005 and dedicated to the memory of Gaetanne Nadon

one CD - 71:10

01. Are You Ready For The Country?
02. Dance, Dance, Dance/Love Is A Rose
03. Old Man
04. The Losing End
05. Heart Of Gold
06. The Needle And The Damage Done
07. Sugar Mountain
08. Happy Birthday To Neil
09. Already One
00. Lady Wingshot
11. Four Strong Winds
12. Down By The River
13. Alabama/Sweet Home Alabama
14. Are You Ready For The Country?

Excerps from administrator notes on

This tree is dedicated to the memory of Gaetanne Nadon. Her partner was the rustie Mark Powell. Gaetanne was well-known among lots of rusties for her warm personality and she will be greatly missed. Gaetanne and Mark created the legendary How Ya Doin' banner, and they attended and hosted numerous Toronto rustfests and Neil shows. For a look at the banner, it's at:

This tree includes Neil's 6/6/84 late show with the International Harvesters and the 11/12/77 show with the Gone With The Wind Orchestra.

They are both well-known Neil shows, but Roger Kaufman (Lost Optimist) fixed them up so these versions are the best-sounding ones yet.

The '77 show is graded B for sound quality (good) and the '84 show is B+ (very good). The '77 show starts off a bit muffled, but improves 10 seconds into the first song. The sound quality wavers a little throughout this first song, but by 3:48 it settles into a consistent level.

Here is what Roger writes about them:

Every time I saw 11/12/77 on someone's CDR list I'd trade for it, hoping it might be an improvement over the lousy copy I had (major tape hiss and cuts between tracks), but everyone seemed to have the same version.

It got so frustrating that I eventually fished out my analog tape version, which actually sounded BETTER than the one that's currently in circulation on CD, and transferred it. I did a bit of tinkering around with it (a/k/a mastering) and--Viola!--I got a disk that was a vast improvement sonic-wise.

These 2 shows were transferred from my own analog tape collection to CDR and then *A-Hem* sonically enhanced with hiss removal software.

Special thanks to Roger Kaufman for fixing these shows, making them the best versions available, and sharing them.

Notes from the seeder:

These are the original files from the tree.

The artwork taken from as .doc file was modified by mrsoul to match this version and transferred to .jpg.

The second show of this tree will be seeded after there are enough seeder on this torrent.