Neil Young
05-25-1978, Early Show
The Boarding House, San Francisco, California

1. Pocahontas*
2. Human Highway
3. Already One
4. Comes A Time
5. Birds
6. My My, Hey Hey
7. Cowgirl In The Sand
8. Shots+
9. After The Goldrush
10. Thrasher
11. The Ways Of Love
12. Out Of My Mind
13. Ride My Llama
14. Sugar Mountain#
15. Sail Away

Length: 66
Tour: 1978 One Stop World Tour
Band: Solo
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, keyboards, harmonica

Lineage: Aud Master->1st generation cassette->Sony PCM-500 (w/SBM1 A>D)->Audiomedia III->ProTools->JAM->CDR->EAC(secure)->xACT->FLAC(8)

* - a few seconds of the intro is missing
+ - a few seconds of intro is missing an unfortunately there are two flaws a little
when the fast-forward button of the recorder was pushed accidentally.
# - similiar short flaw as in Shots

Taped by a friend with a cheap taper recorder placed on one of the tables at the Boarding House.
The master cassettes were lost in a house robbery years ago.
This is not as good a recording as the 5/24/78E and 5/27/78L shows that commonly circulate from master.
However, it is quite listenable and was one of my prized possessions for years as most of
these songs were not released at the time of this show. All the Boarding House shows are fabulous with Neil at the peak of powers.