This is the first show of Neil's solo tour to promote the "Trans" album. "Transformer Man" is the only song from that album to appear in this show. This is an outstanding-quality audience recording, but the taper missed the show's first song. I've included it here from another (inferior) source for those who want it.
Artwork is included. Please note that the date on the artwork is wrong -- it should be Jan. 5, 1983.


Clyde the Camel

Neil Young
Jan. 5, 1983, Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, Calif.
Source: Bootleg CDs, "Goin' Back to Santa Cruz"
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00 Comes a Time *
01 Country Home
02 Goin' Back
03 Coastline
04 Don't Let It Bring You Down
05 Cowgirl in the Sand
06 No One Seems to Know
07 California Sunset
08 Are There Any More Real Cowboys?
09 Dance, Dance, Dance
10 My Boy
11 Old Man
12 Pocahontas
13 Sail Away
14 Powderfinger


01 Ohio
02 Human Highway
03 After The Goldrush
04 Transformer Man
05 My My, Hey Hey
06 Mr. Soul
07 I Am a Child
08 Sugar Mountain
09 Don't Be Denied **
10 The Losing End **
11 Cortez the Killer **

* The concert's first song was omitted from the "Goin' Back to Santa Cruz" two-CD set. For completists, I've included it here as Track 00, but it's from an inferior source.

** Bonus tracks from Feb. 14, 1983, New Haven (Conn.) Memorial Coliseum